Wednesday, August 21, 2013

“I am seduced by trains. When one moans in the
night like some
dragon gone lame, I rise and put on my
grandfather's suit. I pack a
small bag, step out onto the porch, and wait in
the darkness. I rest
my broad-brimmed hat on my knee. To a
passerby I'm a curious 
sight—a solitary man sitting in the night.
There's something
unsettling about a traveler who doesn't know
where he's headed.
You can't predict his next move. In a week you
may receive a
postcard from Haiti. Madagascar. You might
turn on your
answering machine and hear his voice amid the
tumult of a 
Bangkok avenue. All afternoon you feel the
weight of the things
you've never done. Don't think about it too
much. Everything
starts to sound like a train."

David Shumate, “Trains"